Sat. Jul 24th, 2021
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Takatak Movie Download 720p – Level-headed and matured Kamaxi and (Takatak Movie) her wild and impulsive younger sister Minaxi get into a roller-coaster ride as Kamaxi gets hitched to a porn addict and Minaxi ends up in the middle of a love triangle. Takatak Movie Download 720p, takatak movie download filmyzilla, takatak marathi movie download skymovies

Takatak Movie

Story: Kamakshi, a romantic at heart, is married to Chomeshwar aka Chandu. While everything seems normal with him at first, Kamakshi soon discovers his porn addiction. On the other hand, her sister Minakshi, a college stuent, is stuck in a love triangle. (Takatak Movie Download 720p)

Review: ‘A’ certified Marathi movies are far too less and lesser than those are adult comedies in the language. Takatak ticks both boxes.

The film is filled with double entendre humour that has become a common feature in director Milind Kavde’s films. But with Takatak, Kavde outdoes himself. Not only does every dialogue in the movie have a double meaning, but the situations created for or by certain happenings on screen look straight out of a semi-porn movie. (Takatak Movie Download 720p)

Chandu (Amkar) is addicted to porn and his parents, in a bid to ‘cure’ his addiction, decide to marry him off. Enter Kamakshi (Bhalerao), a demure, romantic girl, who takes Chandu for her life partner. Soon, she realises his weird ways because sex is the only thing on his mind. On the other hand, Minakshi’s sister Kamakshi (Shrotri), is in a relationship with a popular guy from her college. While she thinks that it’s a steady relation, her best friend (who also secretly loves her) Ganya (Parab) learns that the guy is dating another girl. He tries to tell Minakshi but to no avail. Soon, things in both these love stories start unfolding in different ways. (Takatak Movie Download 720p)

Takatak Movie Download 720p

Takatak has more drawbacks than plus points. Firstly, things happen on screen without any feasible explanation and relation. Due to the lack of a connection between the stories (besides the fact that Minakshi and Kamakshi are sisters), the viewer is left hanging for most of the first part. The forced adult jokes don’t make the viewing easier either. To it’s credit though, the film is bound to strike a chord with its target audience, thanks to these very jokes. (Takatak Movie Download 720p)

In terms of performances, while Bhalerao sheds inhibitions, her expressions don’t change much. Amkar as the sex-starved youngster goes overboard. However, Parab and Shrotri stand out despite their performances not helping the film as a whole in sailing through.

The climax (no pun intended) comes with a message of taking it easy and not jumping the gun (again, no pun intended) when it comes to physical relationships. But the build up is a task to endure, unless you are a fan of this genre.

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